In 1984, the USS Coontz transited into the Black Sea and sailed eight miles off the coast of the then-Soviet Union to exercise the U.S.'s right to free passage in international waters.  This video depicts a portion of that operation.  The shoreline of Yalta can be seen in the background, as well as a few Soviet ships following the USS Coontz.  Special thanks for this video goes to Joe Kramer, who was a BM3 aboard the Coontz at the time.  If you have any photos or videos from the USS Coontz you would like to share, please email them to

" On 1 July 1966, three North Vietnam torpedo boats came out to attack USS Coontz (DLG 9) and USS Rogers (DD 876) operating about 40 miles off shore on search and rescue missions. Aircraft from Constellation and USS Hancock (CVA 19) made short work of the attackers, sinking all three with bombs, rockets, and 20mm cannon fire. After the attack, Coontz pulled 19 survivors from the water".   Editor's note:  The video here was shot aboard the USS King.  The USS Coontz (DLG-9) can be seen in the background as North Vietnamese prisoners are being picked up by the motor whaleboat.  (Quoted text courtesy of, video courtesy of USS King)  If you were a crew member aboard the USS Coontz during this time, we'd love to read your comments and recollections of the incident!